War Machine vs. War Horse: Ep. 334 – Under the Silver Lake (The Black Dahlia vs. The Nice Guys)

War Machine Vs War Horse Reviews with Cinematic Doctrine Podcast Under the Silver Lake The Nice Guys The Black Dahlia

WMvsWH: Ep. 334 – Under the Silver Lake (The Black Dahlia vs. The Nice Guys)

I joined Michael of War Machine vs. War Horse for my very first guest appearance!

We talked about three very different yet incredibly similar films, Under the Silver Lake, The Black Dahlia, and The Nice Guys. A major theme we sought to take apart was the consistent misuse of women across each film, and what it is about men of a certain ego to go searching for hidden or mysterious women. It’s definitely an interesting discussion, and I look forward to collaborating with Michael again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Below are the original shownotes featured in War Machine vs. War Horse with light alterations. Be sure to check them out! I especially enjoyed Ep. 260 – Blair Witch (The Blair Witch Project vs. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2) episode!

“It wouldn’t be a movie podcast without a couple of dudes trying to put the pieces together on things they don’t fully understand and that is very fitting for the recent film Under the Silver Lake. Thankfully we have a new guest Melvin Benson of the podcast Cinematic Doctrine to lead our unfortunate host in a discussion on the missing women of Hollywood and the foolish men who follow. And there is a lot of foolishness in our selected double feature of The Black Dahlia and The Nice Guys. Also if you click any of the links below… fools!

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