The Reformed Gamers: Episode 147 – The Resident Evil Movies Pt. 1

The Reformed Gamers Christian Podcast and Cinematic Doctrine talk Resident Evil Movies

TRG: Episode 147 – The Resident Evil Movies Pt. 1

I had the pleasure of joining Logan from The Reformed Gamers to talk about the first three Resident Evil movies, and boy was it a trip.

As you’ll hear above, it was an excruciating experience to make sense of the most baffling, problematic, and downright dense structure of these films. But, there’s always something fun about listening to two punks rail into something as awful as these films, so grab your earbuds and pair your Bluetooth speakers for one heck of a discussion about baffling and incomprehensible video game movies.

Below are the original shownotes featured on The Reformed Gamers with light alterations. Be sure to check them out! I especially enjoyed their E3 Rewind episode!

“This episode, Melvin from Cinematic Doctrine joins Logan to discuss the first three Resident Evil movies. As terrible as the movies are, we discuss some different themes presented in the movies, how different they are from the games, and the importance of engaging entertainment from a Biblical perspective.


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