Like Flint Radio: Episode 69 – 1984 with Melvin Benson


One of the first things GK said to me was, “I heard your episode on The Boys and it was excellent. We should talk about my favorite story, Nineteen Eighty-Four!”

And so, here we are! This has been months in the making, as the two of us sought to be doubly-prepared! First, I read the book (Because my private school didn’t have it in the curriculum), then decided to watch not one, but two adaptions of George Orwell’s famous novel so I could immerse myself in the grossly restrictive world of Oceania.

GK and I discussed countless threads that the story demands its audience to engage, and I must admit, there’s plenty of cutting-room-floor content we couldn’t make into this episode, but that’s the joy of Nineteen Eighty-Four. There’s an infinite wealth of discussion present within its pages, and with each subsequent film adaption, the conversation keeps coming to the forefront.

Without further ado, press that play button and join GK and I as we discuss one of literature’s most profound novels ever produced, Nineteen Eighty-Four!

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