Cinematic Doctrine is a Christian movie podcast where I invite Christians to sit at the table of cinema and eat.

Rather than idly consuming film, I approach cinema with nuance, seeking to engage a movie with a sense of respect for the creator, as well as discernment as I interpret the purpose behind a films creation along with practically deconstructing its themes and presentation.

Alongside that, I also delve into the creation of a film and introduce fun trivia and history in a works creation, while painting a picture of the creation of a movie from pre-production to home video.

Of course, not every film has the same experience, and sometimes I just talk about how I responded to it, which in some cases can get quite vitriolic, but I always keep things at a family-level despite covering films across the MPAA.

And, when a film proposes the opportunity, I seek to bring some clarity into a Christian perspective on the matter, although not every film has something profound to say and is simply a good romp, so I feel it appropriate not to try and pull biblical connections from thin air.

That’s about the gist of Cinematic Doctrine. Below is the first episode where I state the above as well as include some information about myself regarding what sort of movies I enjoy.

What is Cinematic Doctrine?

Cinematic Doctrine is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Spreaker, and Buzzsprout.