Meet the Team

Melvin Benson

Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and Lead Host

Melvin loves a good story. Whether it’s a movie, show, game, comic, or novel, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s rich, he’s ready and willing to give it a try! When he’s not knee-deep in someone else’s story, he’s writing his own.

Married to his wife Kathryn, the two attend Trinity Community Church, have a tabby-cat named Milo, and stay up way too late playing Video Games.

Favorite Movies

They Look Like People
The Thing
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Daniel Braindead

Producer, Content Editor, and Co-Host

As a child, Dan’s pastor father and Conservative Japanese mother wouldn’t let him watch secular TV or movies. His grandparents, however, would babysit him by sticking him in front of a TV showing him movies like Predator and Rambo: First Blood Part II on repeat. This super normal and very healthy upbringing made him the man he is today.

Dan is married to a very understanding woman and attends First Congregational Church. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies and has experience as a youth pastor and mental health counselor.

Favorite Movies

Pulp Fiction
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Room
Dead Alive

Carter Bennett of Cinematic Doctrine Christian Movie Podcast and Film Junkie Reviews

Carter Bennett

Content Writer and Co-Host

Carter Bennett is a ravenous cinephile and the popular Christian Instagram movie reviewer behind @Film_Junkie_Reviews! He loves looking at the film industry through the lens of the Christian worldview and dissecting the fascinating business of Hollywood that undergirds his favorite art-form.

Currently, he works at Vanguard Financial group and received his Undergraduate Degree and MBA through Grand Canyon University. He never went to film school but he likes to think that he looks at film like any crazed film junkie would! His ultimate desire is to faithfully give an account of his savior Jesus Christ through the world of filmmaking!

Favorite Movies

Chinatown cover Jack Nicholson Faye Dunaway favorite movie of Carter Bennett Cinematic Doctrine
There Will Be Blood cover Paul Thomas Anderson favorite movie of Carter Bennett Cinematic Doctrine
There Will Be Blood
North by Northwest cover Alfred Hitchcock favorite movie of Carter Bennett Cinematic Doctrine
North by Northwest
The Third Man cover Carol Reed favorite movie Carter Bennet Cinematic Doctrine
The Third Man

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