It Follows: How to Engage ‘Extreme Content’ as a Christian

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In the first episode of Cinematic Doctrine, I review It Follows. However, due to the content of this film, I felt it important to elaborate on my thoughts about adult content in a narrative. Adult content can include sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, graphic violence, and anything that might seem overly uncomfortable. I also discuss how film as a medium is unique to other types of storytelling such as photography, books, etc. 

Afterward, I (finally) talk about some fascinating trivia regarding the production of It Follows and contemplate its themes both on what the film seems to be saying, and what Robert David Mitchell wanted to say when he conceived the project. If you’d like to hear only my thoughts on the film and not a mini-dissertation on adult content, skip to about 9 minutes in. 

It Follows is Rated R for disturbing violent and sexual content including graphic nudity, and language. It features Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, and Daniel Zovatto. Directed by David Robert Mitchell. 

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Intro / Outro song – Kevin Macleod’s ‘Happy Alley’

It Follows – How to Engage ‘Extreme Content’ as a Christian

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