Hellboy (2019): Worst Film of the Year (and Possibly the Decade)

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A third Hellboy film has been in development hell for years (pun intended). Since then, it’s gone from being a finale to Guillermo Del Toro’s previous films into a hard-R reboot. Yet, now that the film has released was it worth the wait, or should we do everything we can to return it back to the 9 circles of hell?

Hellboy (2019) is Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore throughout, and language. It features David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, and Sasha Lane. Directed by Niel Marshall. 

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Intro / Outro song – Kevin Macleod’s ‘Happy Alley’

Hellboy (2019) – Worst Film of the Year (and Possibly the Decade)

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