Brightburn: A Failed Attempt at Everything (Except Passion)

Cinematic Doctrine Christian Movie Podcast Reviews James Gunn Brightburn

What if Superman was evil? That’s been the marketing focus of Brightburn since day one. It’s been the question everyone’s wondered about, and at the very least, it makes for a very interesting high concept advertisement. But a film is more than a concept, and what we watch in the theater lays testament to what we hype up during the seasons leading up to release. So, now that it’s out, what’s the strange amalgamation of Superhero and Horror genre like on the big screen?

Brightburn is Rated R for horror violence/bloody images, and language. It features David Denman, Elizabeth Banks, and Jackson A. Dunn. Directed by David Yarovesky. 

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11. Brightburn – A Failed Attempt at Everything (Except Passion)

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