The Dark Crystal: A Charming, Ancient Tale

Cinematic Doctrine Christian Movie Podcast Reviews Jim Henson Netflix The Dark Crystal

29. The Dark Crystal – A Charming, Ancient Tale

Who doesn’t love puppets? Well, I guess they can be pretty freaky at times, especially marionettes, but we’re not here to talk marionettes, we’re here to talk puppets!

Well, okay, not really, we’re here to talk The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s high-fantasy movie from 1982, the same Dark Crystal that just saw a prequel released on Netflix (but more on that in another episode!). We’re here to review The Dark Crystal and its puppet magic, so why don’t you press that play button and join me on an adventure in another world, and another time!

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The Dark Crystal is Rated PG but has no detailed certificate. So, here’s my own certificate: mild violence and frightening images.

It features voice acting and performances from Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Kathryn Mullen, and Dave Goelz, and Stephen Garlick.

Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz

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