Hiatus Incoming (Details inside)

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Hiatus Incoming (Details inside)

Hey all! We here at Cinematic Doctrine want to give you a brief update on the podcast amidst this COVID-19 crisis.

For the time being, Cinematic Doctrine will be on hiatus. What this means is that our regular movie reviews and discussions, Trailer Talk, and Monthly Movie News, two of our end-of-the-month offerings, will be not be in production for the foreseeable future. And, unfortunately, this also means the unveiling of our new Patreon exclusive show, The CinDoc Pre Show, will be pushed back.

This really stinks but let me explain why these temporary changes are happening, and then what you can expect in the coming weeks.

For those who don’t know, my cohost Daniel works at a hospital. You may have heard about it during our Trailer Talk or Monthly Movie News episodes, or most recently our discussion episode on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but Daniel has had to embrace long hours amidst growing anxiety as the virus continues to spread across the nation. Most recently, he’s relocated to a safe location away from his wife and in-laws to diminish the chance of carrying the virus into their home.

Meanwhile, I myself live in an area that has seen exponential growth in positive cases and the weight of the virus is really bearing down on my wife and me. Kathryn’s been out of work for a few weeks now and while the Lord has carried us well into this season, there is still the looming fear as to whether her workplace will still be there on the other side of this crisis.

While that’s going on we’re really trying to find ways we can love on our fellow church members either through daily phone calls, jumpin’ on chatrooms, playing games, what-have-you, and that’s taken up a fair amount of our time.

Also, I was put under the ringer what-with getting strep throat, debilitating back-pain, and my stomach is very unhappy with me, so my own personal ability to focus on anything other than laying down and resting has been subpar.

All of that combined has made for surprisingly busy and difficult days for everyone on the CinDoc team so we’ve decided to go on hiatus. This will allow for Daniel to focus primarily on his hospital work, and for me to allocate some of my time here at home to both recovering and loving on those in my vicinity.

However, there’s an upcoming episode on I Am Legend where popular Instagram user Film_Junkie_Reviews will be joining me in discussing the much loved Will Smith movie, and the CinDoc website, which recently unveiled its new blog, will receive further blog posts regarding movies, Christianity, and whatever else Daniel and I want to share with you!

Also, a bit of hope for those who will be missing Daniel’s soothing voice, he did pack his laptop and microphone as something fun to do during his away time, so we may record something here and there. However, again, for the time being, we will not be holding to any strict schedule regarding the Podcast’s many shows to allow for the two of us the freedom needed in our daily lives.

And to our lovely Patreon supporters, don’t worry, we’ll be pausing the Patreon support this month so you will not be charged on May 1st.

To close things off, we both ask that you pray for Daniel as he’s at the front lines during this Covid-19 crisis. Please pray for safety and that the Lord protects him and his coworkers, patients, and family from the virus, please pray for he and his wife as they remain separated for the time being, please pray that the two find peace and comfort in Christ knowing that He sits on the throne in control of all things, that this virus is not something that has blindsided our King, and please pray for times of good rest for Daniel and his family, as well. It truly is a wonder the joy that comes from good sleep, and during a time like this please pray that they rest well.

Thanks so much for all of you, thanks so much for your continued support, and if you’d like to keep up with us more closely feel free to join the Cinematic Doctrine Facebook group.

Until next time, stay cool.

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