She Dies Tomorrow: Anxiety is Infectious, Sympathy is Key

Christian Movie Podcast Cinematic Doctrine covers She Dies Tomorrow by Amy Seimetz

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know this episode delves into a very difficult topic, including content that might otherwise be uncomfortable, offensive, and triggering to those listening. As such, I have marked this episode explicit in the shownotes.

She Dies Tomorrow – Anxiety is Infectious, Sympathy is Key

I use an app called Letterboxd to keep track of the movies I’ve watched, and what’s popular in the movie crowd, and there was a two-week period where She Dies Tomorrow was the movie everyone was watching. Its premise was intriguing, as it’s complicating incident was surrounding a woman who, for no apparent reason, simply reasons that she will die the following day. It sounded like a serious mood-piece, and when it comes to storytelling, I really enjoy a solid mood-piece, so I couldn’t help but take this as an opportunity to chat She Dies Tomorrow on the podcast.

For starters, Daniel and I take some time setting the groundwork for this tonally challenging film, giving you some details on the content within. It may seem a bit abrasive, but we promise we wouldn’t be covering the movie if it weren’t tame. Then, Daniel and I get into our immediate, non-spoilery thoughts regarding the films expression of anxiety, and how different characters exhibit different responses to anxiety. Following this, we chat about a small cameo that horror fans will enjoy when watching She Dies Tomorrow. Afterward, we dig into spoilers and talk about the more nuanced themes and projections of anxiety and how certain characters resolve their struggles, and how Daniel and I as Christians believe it’s important to recognize and empathize with those who have anxiety, as well as approaching it with the confidence that, in Christ, there are eternal and practical solutions to battling anxiety.

Jane Adams in She Dies Tomorrow hugging on Christian Movie Podcast Cinematic Doctrine CINDOC

She Dies Tomorrow is Rated R for language, some sexual references, drug use and bloody images. It features Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Katie Aselton, Chris Messina, Kentucker Audley, Tunde Adebimpe, and Jennifer Kim. Directed by Amy Seimetz. She Dies Tomorrow is available to rent or buy on VUDU.

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