Train to Busan: Treasuring Trains and Zombies with The Reformed Gamers

Christian Movie Podcast Cinematic Doctrine talks and reviews Korean Zombie Movie Train to Busan

Train to Busan – Treasuring Trains and Zombies with The Reformed Gamers

Logan from The Reformed Gamers has previously joined us here at Cinematic Doctrine to talk about everybody’s favorite video game movie, Super Mario Bros., which was an amazing experience if I do say-so myself! And while we had an absolute grand time recollecting the bizarre experience of watching such an absolute train-wreck of a film, Logan and I are excited to talk about another film that’s a different kind of train-wreck. You know, the kind that isn’t bad, because there’s literal trains and wreckage in it (see what I did there? Puns!!).

So, what is Train to Busan? It’s a South Korean zombie flick that has landed itself squarely in Logan’s favorite horror films to date, and with the way he speaks about the movie, and the insight he shares, you’d be hard-pressed to think it was anything other than an absolute favorite movie of his in general.

With that in mind, our initial non-spoiler discussion is filled with some truly great nuggets of value as we think about the zombie genre’s ability to recontextualize disaster, and how sometimes we ignore disaster unless it’s brought to our doorstep. Then, when we dive into our non-spoiler trivia section, we share the extreme level of popularity and success Train to Busan saw not only in its home continent, but also here in the states as it’s exposure grew over the course of a few years. And lastly, as we dive headfirst into our spoiler section, Logan and I talk about Matthew 6 and how people bear fruit based upon where they lay their treasures. Are their treasures collected and cherished on Earth, or are they looking beyond the horizon of mortality on the promise of God’s goodness and the New Earth? For the treasures we set our eyes upon, those treasures we worship. You’d be surprised how great Trian to Busan expresses this reality through two pivotal characters. 

Zombie Movie Train to Busan Ma Dong-seok reviewed on Christian Podcast Cinematic Doctrine The Reformed Gamers

Train to Busan is Rated TV-MA. There is no certificate, so here’s a custom certificate: Strong bloody violence and intense sequences throughout, disturbing images, and language. It features Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Woo-shik, Ahn So-hee, Kim Soo-an, Kim Eui-sung, and choi Gwi-hwa. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Train to Busan is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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