Killer Camp: Real Life “Among Us” with Real Life Consequences

Killer Camp reality show on CW discussed on Christian Movie Podcast Cinematic Doctrine CINDOC
Killer Camp – Real Life “Among Us” with Real Life Consequences

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic there are a lot of films and tv-shows that aren’t producing right now. Not only that, just before the shutdown, a looming writer’s strike was coming in Hollywood, which meant scripted television was going to have a slump. With this in mind, most production companies embrace reality-television as a means for cheap, unscripted, and quickly produced content. This is why you can have some wild shows like The Masked Singer or I Can See Your Voice, two absurdly bonkers singing competition shows, on television during the largest economic crises in ages. It’s cheap, easy, and quick to produce. Alongside this, American TV channels may license foreign gameshows and reality shows to fill timeslots in their schedule, and this Summer a British gameshow called Killer Camp, a reality program themed after a horror movie, made the rounds on the CW. 

Killer Camp’s premise is absolutely wild, and Kathryn and I talk about the excitement present in this reality gameshow’s gimmick, it’s easily compelling and engaging mechanics, and also how the Killer Camp game was ripe with strife and division. This sparks a conversation about watching ‘entertainment television’ that contains real-life events and conversations that hurt people. Then, we discuss various trivia regarding the difficulty of producing Killer Camp on such a tight schedule, and how the killing-scenes of each murdered contestant was executed (pun intended). And, lastly, when we dive into spoilers, we share our surprise at certain revelations within the show, and how I’ve used a tactic we see in Killer Camp during a game of Mafia back in my Youth Group days. 

Killer Camp British Reality Game Show discussed on Christian Movie Podcast Cinematic Doctrine

Killer Camp is Unrated. Here’s a custom TV-14 certificate: Graphic violence, language, and suggestive content. Presented by Bobby Mair. Directed by Mike Parker. Killer Camp is currently available on CWTV.

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