Onward: The Magic of Family & Self-Sacrifice

Onward – The Magic of Family & Self-Sacrifice

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Advertised as Pixar’s return to a release schedule of original properties, lots of people had high hopes for Onward. Then, Coronavirus ruined everything, as we’ve known it to do, and theaters shut down roughly two weeks after it’s theater debut. Disney saved the day by making it available to the masses soon after, and the world got a taste of Pixar’s latest flick. That is, until Soul releases like a day from this episode’s release.

After we give you all the technical details regarding Onward, Daniel kicks us off with his comprehensive thoughts on the film, and how Pixar simply has a knack for producing genuine, heartfelt, and engaging stories no matter the setting. Not only that, the two of us meditate on the idea that, at its core, Onward is pretty melancholy for a kid’s film, and how another animated feature from 2020, The Willoughbys, also has a melancholy yet hopeful premise for a PG flick.

Then, we engage what is probably Cinematic Doctrine’s longest trivia section as we list off every lil’ hidden detail we could find in Onward. From the creative fantasy puns Pixar employs, to the myriad of references to other Pixar properties, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry, we also have some behind-the-scenes trivia regarding the development of Onward, so stick around for that, too.

And lastly, I ask Daniel what it is about the ending to Onward that spoke to him so deeply, and the two of us dig into its themes of wrestling with loss and overcoming hardship through brotherly love. I also ask Daniel what he thinks about the use of magic as a plot device considering the apprehension most Christians may have toward the modern usage and portrayal of magic in fiction.

Disney Pixar Fantasy film Onward with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt on Cinematic Doctrine Christian Podcast

Onward is Rated PG for action/peril and some mild thematic elements. It features Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Mel Rodriguez. Directed by Dan Scanlon. Onward is currently available on Disney Plus.

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