Masters of the Universe – Revelation (P1): Critics vs. Fans, A Tale as Old as Time

He-Man Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix show reviewed on Christian Podcast Cinematic Doctrine
Masters of the Universe: Revelation (S1E1-5) – Critics vs. Fans, A Tale as Old as Time

Melvin and Daniel discuss the highly divisive new installment in the Masters of the Universe franchise.


  • After restarting Arrested Development (again x16+), Melvin wonders what it would be like for the Russo brothers to return to comedy. 
  • Daniel imagines their return to the MCU for a Marvel Comedy procedural. 
  • Introducing Masters of the Universe: Revelation (S1E1-5) [8:38] 
  • Basically, Kevin Smith and his group of friends wrote/produced MotU:R and that got Daniel really interested 
  • Critics loved it. Fans hated it. We can’t really explain these reasons without spoiling the show, but it’s worth the discussion. 
  • Melvin wasn’t totally on-board with MotU:R, but that’s because he’s growing tired of the “Reboot Template”. 
  • Unpacking the controversial complicating incident for the season, and how not being invested in He-Man may be a benefit to the show. 
  • MotU:R raises the stakes and adds depth to its characters, something the original show never did. 
  • Daniel, on one reason critic reception can be so different than fan reception, “When you watch, like, 10 movies a week and you’re watching all these shows, something that stands out is gonna really hit different.” 
  • But, we’re all guilty of going “back in my day!” with things we loved when growing up. 
  • Melvin, “Do you think it’s, like, the comfortability of chasing identity that draws people in to be so angry about this stuff?”
  • Sympathy for those who idolize things, acceptance that it’s okay to not like things, but the importance of a reality check over what priorities take stock in our lives.
  • Expanding on the “Reboot Template” and why Melvin is growing tired of it (Editor’s Note: Melvin means Star Wars, not Star Trek: The Motion Picture, when talking about a movie shown in theaters, like, 7 years in a row)
  • Are we interested in watching the rest of S1?


He-Man and Battle Cat in Masters of the Universe Revelation on Netflix

Masters of the Universe: Revelation is Rated TV-PG. It features Chris Wood, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Mark Hamill, Tiffany Smith, Diedrich Bader, Liam Cunningham, Susan Eisenberg, Justin Long, Griffin Newman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Henry Rollins, Stephen Root, and Alan Oppenheimer. Created by Kevin Smith. Directed by Adam Conarroe and Patrick Stannard. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is available on Netflix.

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