Fireproof: Weirdly Voyeuristic, Strangely Intriguing, Awkward

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Fireproof – Weirdly Voyeuristic, Strangely Intruiging, Awkward

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Melanie and Melvin travel back to 2008’s big Christian-Marketed Movie release, Fireproof, a Kirk Cameron led Kendrick Brothers production! From occasional filmmaking flubs and functionally-okay narrative decisions, the two figure out if Fireproof is a Party Pleaser or a Party Pooper! Or, maybe something in between? Find out now!


  • (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) 33-minutes discussing the Christian-Marketed Movie Complex (CMMC, as coined by Melvin Benson) and positive ways in which it could be improved, rather than dogging on it as people are prone to do. (PATREON EXCLUSIVE)
  • The verdict of a Party Pleaser can be for any reason, but Melvin thought it would be interesting to think about whether Fireproof would be edifying to watch with friends or not. You know, because it’s a Christian-Marketed film.
  • Melanie and Melvin agree: the movie starts very poorly. It’s not much of a tone-setter for the rest of the film, and they each propose alternative ways for the film to open.
  • Fireproof doesn’t have successful comedy, and it’s drama is oddly voyeuristic which makes for a very awkward film.
  • Fireproof is just shy of 2 hours. To make it more palatable, it could have easily been trimmed.
  • Occasionally Fireproof has some semi-well constructed sequences. They’re very much in the “almost there” category.
  • The first half of Fireproof showcases the result of marital dysfunction in Caleb, and the second half labors to show that equal-yet-opposite result in Kathryn.
  • Upon reflection, Fireproof seems structurally sound, but the execution leaves itself wanting.


Kirk Cameron on fire

Fireproof is Rated PG for thematic material and some peril. It features Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel, Perry Revell, Harris Malcom, and Phyllis Malcom. Directed by Alex Kendrick. Fireproof is available here.

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