Like Flint Radio: Episode 68 – Creative Christians on Creative Writing

Like Flint Radio LFR Australian Christian Podcast talks Melvin Benson of Cinematic Doctrine books

Like Flint Radio: Episode 68 – Creative Christians on Writing

It was 7:15AM for me, and about 10:15PM for GK as we recorded this episode of Like Flint Radio!

GK is an Australian podcaster who has worked in radio for years, and I can confidently say I’ve had a blast getting to know him more and more (and may or may not be siphoning some knowledge in the process!). Recently, he sought out a few podcasters and aspiring authors to talk about their show, their stories, and anything else, and I was pleased to become his first guest!

If you hit that play button, you’ll get to hear GK and I talk about my podcast Cinematic Doctrine, post-modernism, Christian creativity, and sex and violence in Christian literature. We also talk about some of the stories I write in my free time, (the ones featured in the cover image!) all of which can be found on my Wattpad Account.

It’s sure to be an interesting episode, so make sure your headphones are nice and snug, and join our conversation across the globe!

Above is the first half of Like Flint Radio: Episode 68 which only contains audio of my conversation with GK. However, the full episode includes a second interview with author Frank Johnson. To hear the full interview, click here!

Like Flint Radio is available on their website